Business Communication


The data graphic below shows students’ overall assessment of the course.

ENGL 302 global index.png

The following commentary illustrates feedback received for the course.

On the instructor students said…
Professor Gallagher gave me great feedback on all my assignments and I feel that my writing skills have greatly improved under his instruction.”

Professor Gallagher did an excellent job of explaining topics, and making sure we understood why they were important.”

“The instructor did a fantastic job teaching us about the many different kinds of business communication. We went into lots of detail about each document and how to use them effectively for a whole bunch of different scenarios.”

On the course students stated…
The classes are very well organized and I knew the itinerary every day without the need to ask many questions.”

This was one of the first English classes were I feel I learned specific skills and tools that I will apply in the future.”

The course material was useful and relevant.”

The instructor did a good job of thoroughly achieving the purpose of this course. I feel like I am a better communicator because of it.”