Critical Thinking and Communication

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The data graphic below shows students’ overall assessment of a summer course.

ENGL 150 global index summer

The following commentary illustrates my student feedback for said course.

On the instructor students said…
He’s great, nice, kind, and such a cool guy. I like him.”

His teaching ability was good. He knew what he was talking about and gave us the information we needed to know for this class and further classes throughout the years.”

The instructor is a great resource. Whenever I had a question he would assist me through it.”

On the course students stated…
Overall it was a good class and I got the opportunity to have a better understanding of what and essay is and how to write better”

“This course did helped me improve my English vocabulary and grammar, and how to make the appropriate corrections in an essay.”

Honestly speaking, it was one of the best classes I have taken at ISU.”

The instructor achieved the stated goals and objectives of the course in an excellent manner. The most valuable thing I have learned would be the various tips on how to come up with a strong essay.”