History, Technology, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication

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The data graphic below shows students’ overall assessment of the course.

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The following commentary shows student feedback for the course.

On the Instructor students said…
Mr. Gallagher is very charismatic and enjoys teaching. His positive attitude makes it a fun environment to be in and learn from.”

It is clear that Phil truly cares about this field and I learned a lot from him. He presented us with a lot of resources to work from and was very knowledgeable when we had questions.”

Phil is definitely one of the better professors at Iowa State, never let him go.”

On the Course students stated…
I felt as though these assignments gave me a better grasp of many of the things that I may do as a technical communicator, as well as how widespread the field is.”

I liked all the readings…they were always covered well in class and incited good discussion. The different media (graphs, podcast, video) got me out of my comfort zone, and was intimidating but in actuality wasn’t too bad.”

“We got to experiment with different mediums so we weren’t just doing the same thing over and over again. Course work focused on the essentials with little busy work.”

“Overall, it was an amazing course. The projects were fun and challenging. I’d just cut down on the amount of books that students have to rent/buy, but beyond that, it was great.”