Technical Communication

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The data graphic below shows students’ overall assessment of the online course.

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The following commentary illustrates typical student feedback for the course.

On the instructor students said…
My impression learning from Mr. Gallagher online was that his level of knowledge, commitment, and teaching ability was average or higher.”

This instructor was very well organized and communicated expectations well. This instructor was also understanding and easy to work with.”

Very willing to work with and respond to his students, as well as providing quick feedback on assignments.”

On the course students said…
A strength of the online learning experience was that there were very clear outlines of expectations of the online course.”

The purpose of the course was met successfully. We covered all the topics in the syllabus.”

I have learned to write better technical papers.”

“The course and instructor performed very well; we went over the fundamentals of technical communication and grammar, as well as highlighting many different types of technical documents.”