Written, Oral, Visual, and Electronic Composition

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The data graphic below shows students’ overall assessment of the course.

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The following commentary illustrates typical student feedback for the course.

On the instructor students said…
I thought it was nice that you took the time to learn all of our names. You’re good at your job and you made a not so fun class more enjoyable.

Professor Gallagher has a high teaching ability and taught the content well. He appeared to have a genuine interest in the course and the students therein.

He did a good job teaching the material and helping us learn effective W.O.V.E. I learned that working on things ahead of time is very beneficial.”

On the course students stated…
Being able to work with a team on some projects was a strength.”

“It has helped me to analyze the different methods by which our thoughts are influenced by others, be they through visual (such as use of color, pictures, placement of certain buttons on websites, etc), written, oral and electronic.”

This course was tough because the teacher graded hard which pushed me to work harder than usual and I rose to that challenge.”

“The instruction was well done and informative. Professor Gallagher appeared genuinely interested in the material he was teaching.”